is killing you!

Here’s what I mean…
Life in the land of the immortals is incredibly dangerous because it’s the land where people buy into the belief that:

“There will always be more time.”

Or even worse:

“There will be enough time”.

Beliefs like those can lead to dangerous life-choices.
Living like you’re immortal robs you of your zest for life, your drive and your ambition. You may even find yourself thinking immortal thoughts like these:
  • “Why push for excellence when ‘good enough for now’ will do? I can always reach my full potential… someday.”
  • “They know I love them, I don’t need to say it.”
  • “Yeah sure I’ll eventually forgive them, but right now I’m too upset and feel like punishing them.  There will be time to sort this out later.”
  • “I’m not really happy with my…(job / relationship / health & fitness / etc.) but I can live with it for now.

Flee the land of the immortals!

My name is Patrick Mathieu and yes, I … am Mortal.
My mortality doesn’t scare me.  On the contrary – I accept it and embrace it. It gives me superpowers.
That’s why I’m teaching my kids to be Mortals and live with the Mortality Mindset.
And it’s not just for us.  I’d love to have you join us in the super-powered Band of Mortals!

How can this help you?

Living your life with the Mortality Mindset unlocks the door to an entirely new level of freedom and power in the areas of your:
  • Relationships
  • Health & Fitness
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Self-Esteem / Confidence
  • Legacy
If that idea has you feeling fired up and ready for a breakthrough – you’re in the right place.


wait… go back to that part

Right… the superpowers.

Well, I can’t tell you everything, but let me tease you with three powers to start. (Once you decide to join us – you’ll learn all of the secrets! And you’ll be given access to our secret lair… I mean, closed Facebook Group… where you can chat, brainstorm, network and get support from fellow Mortals.)


TIME TRAVEL – living as Mortals allows us to time travel to the present moment whenever we want! Imagine… never having to stay trapped in the mental prison of the past or the anxious vortex of the uncertain future. As Mortals, we can instantly snap our awareness into the present – the only time where we have any power to act.


FEARLESSNESS – I want my son and daughter to realize that fear, uncertainty and doubt are mental illusions from an imagined future. Yes, if you try out for the team, you might not make it. But if you let fear stop you from even trying, then you’re guaranteed not to be on the team. As Mortals, we know that it’s always “worth the risk” to go for the gold, ask out that cute boy or girl or to write that next book!


INVINCIBILITY – Okay, maybe not full-on bulletproof invincibility, but the ability to be bold, courageous and consistently resilient.

The Comfort Trap

In case you can’t recognize it, the land of the immortals is all about keeping you in your comfort zone.  
I have nothing against being comfortable, but I’d much rather live the hell out of life! Because we only get one and it’s happening RIGHT NOW!
I truly believe Mark Twain was a Mortal because he wrote the following, which nicely introduces the Mortality Mindset:

Some other questions you may have.

Who came up with this?
My name is Patrick Mathieu and I’m here to invite you to join the Band of Mortals.
I see too many people living “by default” and accepting whatever they’re handed. I help people live the hell out of their lives and choose lives that are worth dying for. (That’s why I have my ‘expiry date’ tattooed on my shoulder.)
I’m a motivational speaker, comedian, author and coach. I’ve been featured in a full-length documentary film and appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Oprah & Friends (in an hour long interview with Dr. Oz.) discussing my work.
How did I become a Mortal?
I’m fortunate enough to know when I’m going to die! I was born with multiple congenital heart defects, but amazingly I’ve never had any surgeries or been on any medications because of my heart. When I was eighteen years old, a top cardiologist told me that he and his team hoped I would live to be 30 years old.
“Because of the way your heart is built, it will give out much sooner than normal. We hope that doesn’t happen until you’re 30.”
– the news I was given at age 18
It took me six long and difficult years to come to terms with the news that my life was more than half over. But accepting and embracing my own mortality left me a transformed person. In 2003, I made it my mission to help other people escape the world of immortal thinking.
Does it really work?
I know it works because I was forced to test it out for real in 2006 when I had a stroke.
Sign up below for the 5-Day Primer.  If you decide to take the Mortality Manifesto Pledge at the end of the five days, I’ll tell you about the stroke and I’ll share the impact the Mortality Manifesto had on that experience.
** It works – but you have to go ALL-IN.

OK – where do I start?

I’ll warn you right now – being a Mortal is not for everyone.

You start by claiming your first superpower – The Power of Mortality™.
To do this, you need to embrace your mortality. You need to realize (not intellectually, but deep down in the core of your being) that there’s no good reason why you’re alive today. No one owes you a specific amount of time on this planet, so each and every moment is bonus time. (You’re starting to look worried. Don’t worry. This isn’t about fear – it’s about GRATITUDE! And it’s not about death – it’s about LIFE!)
And embracing your mortality begins with the Mortality Manifesto.

What is the Mortality Manifesto?

I wrote the Mortality Manifesto in 2005 as a personal credo. When I began to share it with audiences it struck a chord with people who found that it was a very useful guiding principle to use on a daily basis. When I included it in my first book, I turned it into a pledge. 
Dr. Oz and I spent time discussing it during my hour-long appearance on his show on Oprah & Friends and it has helped thousands of people over the years.
As I said – the Band of Mortals isn’t for everyone.  I’ve created a 5-day primer to introduce you to the Mortality Mindset so you can decide if you’re ready to take the Mortality Manifesto Pledge and join us in the Band of Mortals.

Take the 5-Day Primer

Simply enter your email address and you’ll be sent a series of five brief emails, one per day, starting today. They’ll introduce you to the basic ideas and principals of the Mortality Mindset. At the end of each email, you’ll be offered the option to opt-out. Once you’ve received all five emails, you’ll be given a choice:


  • You can opt-out and go back to your regularly scheduled life.
  • Or you can choose to open the door, join the Band of Mortals by taking the Mortality Manifesto Pledge and live the hell out of your life!