One-on-One Coaching for serious results

Private Coaching Session

  • If you’re serious about owning your life and living like you matter…
  • If you’re serious about living a life of Radical Resilience…
  • If you’re ready for more success in your life…
  • Ready for more joy and happiness…
  • And ready to feel more fulfilled…

Then you need to begin by getting serious about what matters most to you.


Most people live their lives according to what matters.  We’re rational people, so of course we make rational choices.

In my 10+ years as a Certified Life Coach and Certified Executive Coach I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen people come to the uncomfortable realization that they had been living according to what matters to someone else. Their spouse, their parents, their boss, their clients, their friends… They realized that they were living their lives in order to please other people.


I’ve also seen many people come to the chilling realization that the goals, values and priorities they thought mattered to them – were not actually what mattered MOST to them. They were living lives of great achievement and success but still feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied – and as a result were confused and discouraged. They needed to revisit their priorities.


What we’ll cover

This private coaching session takes approximately two hours, during which time I will personally guide you through a number of discovery and self-reflection exercises specifically designed to help you distill what really matters most to you.  Be prepared to go deep. We’re not messing around – this is your life!

This session is perfect for anyone who feels like their life is on autopilot and can’t figure out how to make a change. 



This private coaching session will be done via video conference.  To prepare for the session I will send you a worksheet that needs to be completed in advance.  During the session we will review your answers and use them as the starting point for the discovery process.  At the end of the session I will email you a review of what we covered so that you can continue to revisit the process as often as you wish on your own.

The cost of the session is $249

To arrange for your session, simply click the I’m Ready! button below and send me your contact information so we can get things rolling.